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Helping sport shooter avoid ammunition malfunctions during competitions.


Decap your soiled cases at up to 3,600 cases per hour, you can then clean your cases inside and out, no more primer crud in your press. Ideal for serious competitors and processors and automated presses who want reliable ammunition.


The original commercial was created by the Designer, Mechanical Engineer and competitive shooter Kevin Whitehead around 2015 as the result of ongoing problems in ammunition reliability. Attempts with other available rolling machines did not provide acceptable results and the commercial rollsizer was the result. The business was formally established to manage to business growth in our rollsizers and decappers and we now export worldwide. The products are designed and manufactured in house and have become the baseline standard for processing brass especially the rollsizing machines.

The products are not cheap and they are not cheaply made. We have designed our products to last for a very long time and provide years of reliable operation. We regularly see great shooters get dragged down due to poor quality ammunition. The products fix this and provide confidence for that competitive edge. Whether you are a weekend shooter with soup cans on posts or competing for a podium finish at the Nationals. Reliability is important.

All products are covered by multiple patents or patent pending applications.