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Powder Funnel / Thrower Insert

Our powder funnel is fundamentally a different design to the one you probably have in your reloading press. The powder funnel insert will flare your cases very slightly (to minimise case mouth cracking), the bullets will seat more consistently and will be more stable for the longer/heavier bullets (especially in…

VARIABLE SPEED AUTODRIVE Pty Ltd is proud to announce that we are now the Australian distributors for the Ammobot range of autodrives. These Autodrives can be ordered for your existing Dillon 1050 presses or the new RL1100 presses. The Ammobot is a serious, quality autodrive and will last a very long time,…

Consulting Engineering and Investigations

Kevin is a mechanical engineer with over 30 years of consulting engineering, specialist investigation and problem solving experience. Kevin has extensive, practical hands on knowledge from years of construction, fabrication and maintenance experience.



Whitehead Specialty Engineering can custom design machinery to your specific requirements.


Ability to develop unusual and innovative solutions to allow the shortest and safest construction period.


Strong experience in the design and equipment selection processes and how they affect plant operation and reliability.


As a commercial reloader for multiple clubs as well as individuals, quality ammunition is critical for return business. The use of the Whitehead Specialty Engineering rollsizer in our reloading business has resulted in ammunition of exceptional quality for IPSC and ICORE shooters alike. It also reduces wear and tear on the reloading machines making the process easier and eliminates the need in most cases to lubricate the brass.

~ SC, Owner of CFT Projectiles

Not only did it resolve my spilt powder issues it was much more precise when setting the case flare. The Dillon is all or nothing whereas Kevin’s one is a gradual expander +1 from me

~ Chris Savill

Current Grand Master ranked Standard division shooter, Australian team member for the 2017 World Shoot

Kevin Whitehead is an innovative and practical engineer of rare talent, his engineering skill in design and reliability investigations is of top quality, he understands the real business costs of reliability issues and can provide timely, cost effective and practical solutions that can be implemented readily by our clients.

~ Dr Tony Milton

FlowCentric Mining Technologies