Case Containment Spring for Commercial Rollsizers

The upgraded case containment spring is a replacement with a slightly longer tab on the end to hold the cases after they are pushed out from under the drop tube. The cases are held more securely and are recommended upgrades for earlier rifle conversion kits. These are made on a machine jig but some variations and fitting (slight bending of the spring may be required). This is due to tha variability of the internal tensions within the spring material.

Refer to your manual for fitting and adjustment (copy available online). Recommended for all rifle conversions supplied prior to June 2018. Standard fitment on all orders June 2018 onwards.

1 per box.

25.00 25.0 USD 25.00 Tax Ex Shipping starting 11th June 2024. 

25.00 Tax Ex Shipping starting 11th June 2024. 

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