is always looking for businesses wanting to expand their existing sale lines to include the rollsizers and decapping machines.

If your business has reloaders, competitive shooters or commercial operations as customers, they will all understand the frustration of poor-quality ammunition. Offering your customers a rollsizer that will provide reliable ammunition is a powerful tool. When coupled with standard reloading presses, a perfect factory round is the result.

Becoming a reseller by showing and demonstrating the rollsizers in your store front / website is an ideal opportunity to maximise sales of reloading components. The range of products are high quality machines for reloaders and processors who are serious about reliability and competition performance.

How to become a Reseller?

We have some requirements as follows BEFORE we will approve your reseller registration.

Checks will include the following;

  1. You need to have purchased purchased 2 or more machines BEFORE you can receive Reseller discounting. Alternatively a bulk order to start will allow bulk pricing discounting immediately.
  2. Industry reference check will be done and the reseller will demonstrate having a solid understanding about reloading.
  3. No undercutting or advertising of undercut prices. discounting devalues the brand name and impacts streamlined sales which are more sustainable for small businesses
  4. European resellers must have a valid VAT registration number and all purchases must operate through businesses. The reseller registration takes a few days and all EU reseller orders above 5,000 euro will be processed via EFT payments upon an invoice. orders below this can be done via our secure credit card portal online.
  5. All orders must be paid in full and funds cleared before shipping.

Most 99% of orders will be shipped the next business day. Larger Bulk orders will be invoiced and priced individually and processed via EFT.

If you are interested in becoming a Reseller please register online first THEN email us at [email protected] with the details of your business (including country and address) and we will follow up with a call within a few days. We will discuss your situation and how can assist. We are competitive shooters and reloaders ourselves and we understand the importance of reliable ammunition.

How to Order Online?

The online ordering system is simple and streamlined. 

Step 1. Identify the machine you want, and 

Step 2, Nominate the calibres you want to process. 

The website calculates the parts and components required including recommended spares. It is simple and effective. maintains extensively stocked warehouses and your business can drop ship directly to customers addresses (or to your own business) automatically, usually within the same business day of ordering. Shipping is Fedex Ground or similar with signatures as standard, most orders are delivered within 2-3 days subject to the delivery location. Bulk orders are usually Ex Works and shipping will be negotitated.

You cannot order online using a VPN search engine otherwise you will get airfreight shipping ex Australia.

You must fill in the registration below to apply to become a reseller. 

Although the business is based in Australia, we are readily accessible through email, messenger and phone +61-400-712-512.

Accept and Register