DC Compact Electric Rollsizer


The DC Electric Drive Rollsizer is suitable for the low to medium volume reloader. The DC electric rollsizer produces a similar result as the large scale rollsizer but at a lower cost (and processing rate – 1500 Cases per hour vs 6,400 cases per hour). The DC rollsizers require a minimum run in period of 2-6 hours before use but may occasionally need longer time (up to 12 hours). Running them unloaded overnight is usually best.

The Rollsizer is supplied with a hose and adaptor (as standard) to connect to your Dillon casefeeder. From January 2023 we will have adaptor clip / hose assemblies to connect to a Lyman Casefeeder with the Twist style locking adaptor. This is a separate order and cannot be exchanged with the Dillon adaptor / hose supplied as standard.

The standard supply also includes a small spares kit and a very high quality AC to DC power converter and a moulded plug or Plug adaptor to suit your local power supply as standard.

Calibre conversion discs and drop tubes are calculated automatically when you pick the calibres you want. This will ensure you purchase the correct parts. in some situations you will

Machine only dimensions: 270mm x 250mm x 230mm


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