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9mm / 38S / 357SIG Powder Funnel for Dillon Powder Throwers


To suit 9mm, 38S/SC, 357MAg, 357SIG. The powder thrower insert is a drop in replacement for the Dillon™ 550, 650 and 1050 presses to provide more gradual neck expansion than other aftermarket or OEM products.

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Powder funnel is a drop in replacement for Mr Bullet Feeder™ or Dillon™ Powder thrower parts.

This funnel will work for all 9mm bullets (0.350mm to 0.360mm range)

It will improve the bullet stability in reloading especially with autodrives, reduce case mouth cracking and provides better neck tension leading to more accurate ammunition. CNC machined hardened steel insert. Refer to the detailed installation procedures supplied with the product or the Support section on this website.


Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 120 × 120 × 25 mm


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