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Manual Rollsizer


Manual Rollsizer suitable for most pistol calibres. The manual rollsizer is a compact rollsizer suitable for processing cases in small batches around 400-500 in one sitting (typically 30-40 minutes). The manual rollsizer should be mounted to your reloading bench for the best results using G clamps or Self Tapping screws through the supplied mounting base.


The crank effort required is minimal but is repetitive. The rollsizer can be connected to your Dillon (TM) case feeder using the supplied hose and adaptor clip or connected to other case feeder types with some modifications.

The rollsizer is supplied with hex drive bits to connect your portable drill to the rollsizer. Simply remove the crank handle and insert the hex bit into your drill and the bolt fitted into the end of the crank handle shaft and run it.

That’s it, too easy.

Rollsizer kit includes all the fitting to connect to your Dillon casefeeder. The rollsizer should be mounted to your work bench for best operation. Please note, Calibre conversion discs and drop tubes are separate and must be ordered separately. To order the correct parts use the “buy a rollsizer” link in the page above.

Machine only dimensions: 270mm x 250mm x 230mm



Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 270 × 250 × 230 mm
Motor Voltage

110VAC & 60hz, 220-240VAC & 50-60hz

1 review for Manual Rollsizer

  1. Claudio

    Setup is easy. It took less than a half hour.
    I coupled it to my Dillon Case Feeder and about 20minutes later 400odd cases were rollsized.

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