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Hasgrok Casefeeder 2000


Tired of having to babysit your case feeder as much as your reloading equipment? The Feedinator is built to be jam-resistant.   It won’t spray casings when it jams, and when it does jam, it will reverse to clear the problem. If it remains jammed, it will alarm and send you a message that there is a problem. The Feedinator2000 is a 16-inch version of the Feedinator1000.

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The Feedinator2000 is a bigger 16-inch version of the Feedinator1000.

Like the Feedinator1000, it has a micro controller, controlling the behavior of the plate, and is smart about unjamming itself, or turning itself off when the hopper is empty.

  • Smart plate speed control matches the rotational speed of the hopper plate to your consuming machine
  • Smart monitoring of the plate enables jam detection, and reverses direction to clear jams
  • Sensors in the hopper indicate when the case feeder is empty, allowing the Feedinator to power off the plate
  • USB connectivity to the Sortinator allows messaging to pause case sorting operations
  • USB connectivity to the laptop allows Feedinator to trigger alarms or send messages that the hopper needs to be refilled
  • Additional finger holes allow easy plate replacement
  • Control the Feedinator from a laptop using the Sortinator software, or just use the simple toggle switch to indicate that you’ve refilled the hopper
  • Bluetooth control and smartphone app coming soon

For a demonstration of maximum case feed, check out the video.

Demonstration Video


Feeder Base Upgrade, we have applied the following upgrades as a standard supply to reflect the end user requirements for a feeder of this size.

  • Aluminum side and base

Shell Plate Upgrade

  • Delrin

Chute Material

  • Plastic


Additional information



Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 20 in
pack drive accessories yes
pack drop tube yes


Theory of Operation

The Feedinator 2000 employs four sensors, and two serial ports for operation. The sensors are used to optimize the rate of rotation to match the consumption of the device it is feeding. The serial ports are for command, control and data logging, suitable for integration into third party products.

*Anti Jamming
Jamming events are sensed by a rotary encoder, and current detector. When an event is detected, the pate rotates backwards. If the jam is recoverable, operation continues as normal. If the Feedinator 2000 is unable to clear itself, a message is transmitted, and the optional host software will emit an alarm.

*Optimized Plate Rotation
The shell plate speed is regulated by a feedback mechanism with flexible and stiff control loops. The flexible loop attempts to match the speed of the plate to the consuming device and is regulated by the brass sensor. The stiff loop attempts top maximize throughput and increases maximum allowable plate speed until a jam occurs.

*Feeder Empty Status
Using the current, brass and rotary sensors, the Feedinator1000 is able to determine when it is empty. In this event, a message is sent via serial, and stops rotation of the plate. If the Sortinator1000 is present, this message pauses the Sortinator, and the toggle switch unpauses the sorter. The empty status is reset by toggling the switch.

*Toggle Switch
The toggle switch performs two functions. First, it serves as the on/off switch for the feeder. Second, it indicates when brass is resupplied.



Features of the Feedinator that are typically not found on other more expensive feeders:

  • Modular exit chutes optimized for one caliber.
  • Clear base for monitoring of hopper
  • Thumb hole that allows easy removal of shell plate
  • Solid state non-contact sensors for reliable feeding
  • Self adjusting feedback loop optimizes speed
  • Multiple sensors detect jams and auto correct the problem
  • Serial interface via USB or I2C for integration into other equipment
  • Software API available
  • Actual measured case throughput rates:
    • 9mm: over 8,500 rounds per hour



The firmware of your case feeder can be updated with these utilities.  You will need the Teensy Loader application from PJRC, and a firmware file from  If you require simple modifications, a firmware can be made to your specifications.


The firmware loader from PJRC:



Australian / NZ supply kits will be supplied with a 2 pin adaptor plug for 240vac.

All other casefeeder kits will be supplied with a USA plug.


Weight 6.8 kg
Dimensions 330 × 330 × 510 mm


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