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Dillon Case Feeder Upgrade


Drop-in case feeder upgrade for your Rollsizer.

This upgrade will allow you to take advantage of the full commercial rollsizer capacity. Even if you don’t need the speed, the upgrade will allow you to feed the bowl full of cases without overloading.

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The case feeder upgrade is for the Dillon case feeder. It is a drop in replacement for the Dillon motor, requiring no modification of the bowl. It uses the existing switch, just changes it from high/off/low to forward/off/reverse. Please note, the new Dillon Presses (RL750 and RL1100 come with upgraded feeders but do NOT come with an integral reverse switch. this is very important for clearing jams.

The upgrade provides both speed control and reverse, to remove jammed cases, something the Dillon case feeder is well known for.

The kit comes complete with the motor, motor driver control and power plug.

Installation takes less than 10 minutes and uses common tools (3/32 allen, 1/4″ socket and optionally, needle nose pliers).

Installation Video

Demonstration Video

Please note this does NOT include the supply of the casefeeder.

Australian / NZ supply kits will be supplied with a 2 pin adaptor plug for 240vac.

All other casefeeder kits will be supplied with a USA plug.


Weight 4.15 kg
Dimensions 350 × 350 × 350 mm


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