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Kevin is a mechanical engineer with over 30 years of consulting engineering, specialist investigation and problem solving experience. Kevin has extensive, practical hands on knowledge from years of construction, fabrication and maintenance experience.


1. What sort of services can you offer?

Kevin specialises in Engineering design management and engineering investigations and fault finding. He has over 28 years of engineering experience and has extensive hands on practical knowledge in design and operations.

Engineering and operational problems start usually with an initial phone call to discuss the issue. Kevin has extensive experience with scope development and can identify a lot of issues that can be started and documented by the clients team in parallel. This saves time and ultimately money in direct but also operational costs.

Kevin’s background is predominately in Mechanical engineering but has extensive knowledge across other disciplines including Structural and Civil Engineering, Electrical and Controls Systems, Site Operation and Maintenance processes as well as having practical hands on experience in welding, rigging, construction management and planning.

Absolutely, Kevin has had experience in a number of countries and clients site locations are often difficult to get to. The cost of operational reliability issues can often be very expensive for clients, we recognise this and are willing to provide support in most locations throughout the world at short notice.

Easy, email Kevin on the Contact us page per the link below or call direct on +61 400712512