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As of 24th August 2020 we are out of stock of 110VAC Commercial rollsizers but we have fastracked some components in and we will be able to commenmce shipping of 110VAC rollsizers 3rd week October. We have started allowing backorders on these machines from 24th August.

We do have 220VAC machines in Houston ready to ship (wired but no plug). If your home / shop can use 220VAC Or you want to use a step down transformer, then please contact us directly to order as these cannot be ordered directly through the website yet. (This will be fixed shortly hopefully).

We have started allow backorders on the Manual rollsizers and expect to ship these ex
Houston 2nd week September. If you order a rollsizer now, don’t ask us for a delivery before then.

Use this page if you are buying or pricing a rollsizer for the first time. This will ensure you get the right parts for your order.  

The rollsizers are very high quality and are significantly cheaper than any comparable alternative. Our current best round count on a commercial rollsizer is over 20 million cases, yes, they are commercial quality. One of our customers is running a DC in a commercial application and is currently at 700,000 cases+ and still going (not bad for only 5 months).

Please note these rollsizers are made on an industrial fabrication process and minor marks and imperfections are expected on the support brackets.

All our machines size cases the same way, the main difference is the processing speed and price.

Not sure which one is right for you? Check out our videos

From July 2020, most USA orders will ship from our Fulfillment center in Houston Texas. Subject to stock levels these will generally ship 2 business days after ordering. Shipping from Houston will usually be via FEDEX. No additional import duties or taxes apply to sales to the USA or to Canada.

For all other international orders the typical assembly time is 2-5 days depending on the configuration. Shipping is via DHL Air freight and is normally around 5-25 days from pickup. COVID19 is impacting these times and is outside our control and it varies daily. Most countries (other than the USA and Canada) will have duties and taxes applied and are to the buyers account.

Please note, We pay a bank fee for every successful order placed. If you change your mind and request a refund, we still pay the credit card merchant fee irrespective. Whilst we will happily refund any unfilled orders, a minimum charge / restocking fee of  $50 or the merchant fee applied to (whichever is the greater) will be deducted from your refund.