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As of 12th July 2021 we have a good stock of manual and commercial rollsizers in Houston ready to ship.

We are airfreight shipping DC rollsizers direct to customers as well as a bulk order to Houston and these should be in the warehouse in mid July

Use this page if you are buying or pricing a rollsizer . This will ensure you get the right parts for your order. 

The rollsizers are all supplied with a basic spares kit, feed tube for a Dillon casefeeder as standard. They do not come with a calibre conversion kit, you have to select the conversion kit you want.

The DC / Manual units only require Drop Tubes and conversion discs and the DC is supplied with a universal AC>DC power supply. The commercial units require Drop Tubes, Conversion Discs and Spring Wire Levers. The “buy a rollsizer” page calculates these automatically. If you buy parts individually make sure you get everything, most will ship automatically so adding items later will mean an additional shipping cost. Dont blame us if you order incorrectly!

Please note these rollsizers are made on an industrial fabrication / assembly process and minor marks and imperfections are expected on the painted support brackets.

All our machines size cases the same way, the main difference is the processing speed and price. If you are time poor, get the faster machine…….

Not sure which one is right for you? Check out our videos

Please note, We pay a Merchant Processing Fee for every successful order placed. If you change your mind later and request a refund, we still pay the credit card merchant fee irrespective. Whilst we will happily refund any unfilled orders or backorders, a minimum Merchant Fee of  15% or $50 or the merchant fee applied to (whichever is the greater) will be deducted. Yes we pay about 7.5% merchant fees for each sale / transaction.